Several prerequisites and conditions must be met to obtain a real estate visa in Dubai.

First, applicants must contact the Dubai Land Department (DLD) for the visa, which is valid for four years and requiring renewal every two years.

For initial registration, applicants must provide the following:

- A photocopy of their passport

- A copy of the title deed

- A 6x4 personal photograph

- A copy of their current visa

- A Certificate of Good Conduct from the Dubai Police Department

If the property is mortgaged, the bank's CNO must be written in Arabic and stamped for the loan.

Terms And Conditions For Property Visa

To qualify for a property visa, the property must be an apartment or villa worth more than AED 1 million and in a non-free zone.

Additionally, the property must be owned by the applicant, and if it is mortgaged, the remaining credit cannot exceed 50% of the property's value or 1 million AED (whichever is greater).

A loan statement and bank compliance notification are required to verify the mortgage.

Rental properties are not eligible for property visas, and spouses sharing ownership must present a valid marriage certificate. Multiple owners can apply for permits if they meet the abovementioned eligibility criteria.