If you live and work in Dubai, you've likely been shelling out rent payments each year. Take a moment to tally up the total cost and ponder the possibility of converting that expense into a mortgage payment instead. By making this switch, not only will you own your own home, but you'll also no longer be paying rent. Plus, many budget-friendly properties are available in the neighborhoods mentioned, and a high probability of securing mortgage approval.

Dubai is a perfect location for property investors, as it's strategically positioned for easy access to Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas via air, water, and land. While some areas of Dubai are where non-residents or foreigners aren't permitted to purchase, the vast majority of the city is open for business. Britons, Indians, and Pakistanis are the primary purchasers of Dubai properties.

Buying property in Dubai is a straightforward process that begins with the Dubai Land Department conducting necessary checks before your purchase. The transaction fees typically amount to approximately 7.5-8% of the property value. As a foreigner, you may be eligible for banks to provide up to 50% of the property's purchase price, with the remaining 25% as a deposit. Since 92% of Dubai's residents are ex-pats, the government is attuned to the needs of its people and strives to make the purchasing process as simple as possible. Property investment is a transparent activity in Dubai with no hidden fees or deals, and the market is consistently regulated for the safety of non-residents.