Mariah Real Estate specializes in property management in Dubai and offers more than tenant services. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to assist clients in discovering properties that fit their investment needs.

Property managers prequalify future tenants by verifying their passport and residency status, employment, funds, and banking. They handle the processing of tenant documentation, the collection of deposits, and the validation of Ejari. They take tenant and property management, which includes communicating with residents regarding their concerns and managing accounting services.

Our property managers also oversee maintenance and repair requests, coordinating with tenants and scheduling preventative maintenance regularly. We use a combination of marketing channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and email, to manage property listings that generate leads. We produce UHD photography and professional films to showcase the property's features.

Performance reporting is another service provided by our property managers. We inform clients of the property's status and provide maintenance reports, payment proofs, and transaction data. Our property managers also collect rent, ensuring consistent and timely payments based on the client's payment intervals. Rent payments are typically made using two or four cheques throughout the year, with forward-dated cheques given to the property management department for deposit into the client's account on time.